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About Creative Teacher Support

Creative Teacher Support or is basically the web name for Gordon Baillie, an Advanced Skills Teacher specialising in English and learning and teaching, specifically Assessment for Learning.

I am in my fourteenth year of teaching, having taught in a variety of contexts from inner city to rural and now a comprehensive Academy. I have worked extensively in the surrounding area and have had the pleasure of contributing to one National Conference but would love to do more. I enjoy training and working with staff in all subject areas and contribute to training in the Chester and Wirral areas and to the PGCE (for English) at Keele University and, again, would love to do more.

I believe passionately in comprehensive education and the power of pedagogy as a science that is both tangible and intangible at the same time. I believe that teaching and learning should be creative, engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved and hope to hear more from many others as to how we can achieve this for all of our students.

4 thoughts on “About Creative Teacher Support

  1. Good wishes Gordo, hows it going?
    Know you’ll be great, keep in touch son,

    • Hi Mate! Nice to hear from you! I’m doin ok – heads spinning but not in a bad way!?!? Really enjoying it.
      Hope you’re relaxing and making the most of a free September.

  2. Hi Gordon,
    I wish to discuss the possibilities of you delivering some CPD training for us in the summer term and hopefully beyond.
    Please drop me an email to discuss.

    • Hi Billy,
      That sounds like something I’d be really interested in. Do I get your email from the website?

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